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Discovery metadata is a list of information that accompanies a data set and allows other people to find out what the data set contains, where it was collected and how they can get hold of it.

MEDIN have produced a standard for marine metadata and a set of tools to create metadata records that comply with the MEDIN Metadata Standard.


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Metadata Standard Guidance notes

The MEDIN Discovery Metadata Standard is a marine profile of the UK government Standard GEMINI2 and also complies with other international conventions such as INSPIRE and ISO19115.


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Download Discovery Metadata Standard Guidance notes



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MEDIN Discovery Metadata Editor

The Discovery Metadata Editor is an online tool to create, export and validate an XML metadata record, or to upload directly to the MEDIN Data Discovery Portal →

The Editor is suitable for generating metadata for a small number of data sets.

Discovery Metadata Editor »



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Metadata Maestro

Metadata Maestro allows users to create, edit, validate and transform discovery metadata records to MEDIN, GEMINI and ISO standards.

Metadata Maestro operates in desktop standalone mode as well as using a web service to access required vocabularies when an internet connection is available.

By downloading the Metadata Maestro tool you are agreeing to the licence conditions for this application, which specify that your contact details will be passed to the application developers, HR Wallingford. 

Please note: the Metadata Maestro is currently not configured to operate by default with Microsoft Windows 10. If you have a Windows 10 PC, please contact Sean for guidance as to how to proceed. 


Download Metadata Maestro and installation instructions



If you wish to validate xml metadata records within your own systems, you can use the MEDIN Schematron


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