Data standards

Data Standards


Standards are common rules, conditions or guidelines and are essential to enable easy discovery and re-use of data. MEDIN promotes the use of standardised field names and controlled vocabularies so that datasets are described in a consistent way for every type of marine data. 

MEDIN discovery data standard

MEDIN discovery metadata standard

Discovery metadata is a list of information that accompanies a dataset and allows other people to find out what the dataset contains, where it was collected and how they can get hold of it. 

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MEDIN data guidelines

MEDIN data guidelines

Data Guidelines provide a list of information that should be collected with your data to ensure they can be re-used in the future.

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MEDIN controlled vocabularies

Controlled vocabularies

Controlled vocabularies are used to remove ambiguity when describing data.

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MEDIN Workshops

MEDIN workshops

MEDIN regularly holds free workshops to improve the uptake, knowledge and use of MEDIN standards and the tools that support them. 

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